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Intruder Alarms Hove
Intruder Alarms Hove
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Intruder Protection CCTV
Protect and secure your commercial or residential property in Hove, Brighton or the surrounding areas with our professional range of CCTV equipment which provide you with high quality vision of your property from anywhere in the world.
Intruder Protection CCTV
Protect and secure your business and home 24 hours a day with our professional range of remotely monitored CCTV systems. We will design and plan your bespoke electronic security solution, ensuring that it meets your individual requirements while guaranteeing the utmost safety.

Every aspect of our CCTV system design, camera  and security lighting placement will be planned with you in mind. All support and training of the control and recording equipment will be carried out on site.

Take control of your CCTV system via Smartphone, iPhone & iPad

In conjunction with the Intruder Protection CCTV system, we will download the latest IVMS App in Apple & Google store’s on your smart phone, iPhone or iPad. This will enable you and your user’s to remotely access, control and monitor your Intruder Protection CCTV System.

The IVMS App is designed for use with the Intruder Protection DVR and CCTV systems. With state-of-the-art technology, we are able to monitor and control an almost unlimited number of DVRs. The main features include remote monitoring and control, H.264 decode capability, two-way audio capability from your phone to your office or home, playback search by time or event, versatile playback operations, log display, snapshot video, password protection and push notifications for when your alarm is activated.

Alarms Hove
Alarms Hove Key Advantages

iVMS is an intelligent Video Management System which offers an easy-to-use, reliable interface and is a feature rich platform for security management, video analytics, and open integration. iVMS easily adapts to the growing national demand for better and more robust security solutions. 

  • Motion Detection
  • Alarm Response
Motion Detection

The video cameras are equipped with motion detectors allowing them to provide high quality protection while keeping your electric bills low.  On detecting movement, the video camera will turn on and capture a ten second clip which is transmitted to the remote operator via the control panel.  The operator will examine the clip and, if necessary using the live viewing facility, determine whether there is an intrusion in progress.

Alarm Response

If the operator verifies that an intrusion is in progress then the agreed call out response process is invoked. This response can be a security patrol being sent to the site, the property owner being informed, the police called or a combination of these.

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