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Thermal CCTV Solutions
Trusted CCTV installers working across Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas.
Thermal CCTV systems from Intruder Protection
Working across the Brighton area, we at Intruder Protection are trusted CCTV installers that specialise in the design and installation of thermal CCTV systems.

There are many benefits to having a thermal CCTV system installed into your premises. The first of which is the greater range that they offer. Unlike a more traditional day and night CCTV system, they are not reliant on IR LED's meaning that they can detect an objects heat signature from a further distance away. Because of this added range, a thermal CCTV system has the ability to out-perform 2 traditional CCTV systems meaning that less is installed ultimately saving you money. For more information about this service, get in touch with our Brighton based CCTV installers today.
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CCTV Installer Brighton
Our CCTV installers will be able to tailor you the perfect thermal camera for your business. For more information contact out Brighton team today.
Working alongside your existing security system
Using our advanced knowledge and expertise, our CCTV installers can install a thermal CCTV system working with your current system providing you with the advantage of having both a thermal CCTV system and a conventional CCTV system.

No matter what enquiry you may have our CCTV installers will endeavour to assist you every step of the way and ensure all of your needs have been met to the highest of standards. For more information about our services, or any other service we specialise in, get in touch with our CCTV installers today.
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CCTV Installer Brighton
CCTV Installers working throughout Brighton and the surrounding areas
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