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Intruder Alarms Hove Intruder Alarms Hove
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Intruder Alarms
Intruder Protection install and maintain high quality intruder alarms across Hove, Brighton and the surrounding areas to ensure you receive the utmost protection at all times.
IP Intruder Alarms
Intruder Protection install, maintain, monitor and respond to intruder (burglar) alarms throughout Brighton, Hove and the surrounding Sussex area.  These alarm systems also include fire and carbon monoxide alarm functionality giving protection to your family and property whether it is your home or your business premises.
Protect your Family & Property with an Alarm System
Generally, the alarm system will be set at night when you are asleep or when the building is unoccupied.  If the system is activated then it will set off internal and external sirens.  The alarm system will also inform our monitoring service if it is activated.

If our monitoring centre detects an alarm activation we will inform you or a key holder as required.  If we are also providing a key holding and alarm response service then we will immediately despatch one of our SIA Licensed high profile GPRS tracked mobile patrol vehicles to visit your property as priority. Our experts are able to provide their professional and reliable services across the Hove, Brighton and Sussex area.
Intruder Alarms Hove
Intruder Alarms Brighton
Intruder Alarms Brighton
Intruder Alarms Brighton
Alarm Response
Intruder Alarms Brighton
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  Our alarm systems can protect you & your Hove and Brighton area property in many ways...
Intruder Alarm Hove Door and window sensors to detect entrance when the system is set
Intruder Alarms Hove Motion detectors to detect movement in rooms when the system is set
Hove Intruder Alarms Vibration detectors that detect forced entry or glass breakage when the system is set
intruder Alarms hove Panic buttons that can be activated in the case of any trespasser / intruder at any time
Hove Intruder Alarm Heat and Smoke detectors that will activate at any time in the event of a fire
Hove Intruder Alarms Carbon Monoxide detectors that will activate at any time when CO2 gases are present
  • Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Alarm Installation
Maintenance & Monitoring

We provide a maintenance service for our intruder alarm systems.  We provide an annual service with a complete check and replacement of batteries etc as necessary.  In the unlikely event of a fault we will send round an engineer to rectify the problem.

Intruder Protection charge from as little as £499.00 + VAT for the installation of wireless alarm system across Hove, Brighton and Sussex. Contact us now for a free property security consultation and a quotation.

Alarm Installation
We can install either wired or wireless intruder alarm systems.  Wired systems are best installed in a new build or when rewiring or other major works are underway.  Wireless systems can be easily and quickly installed in most buildings.
Intruder Alarms Hove
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